Renewable Energy
Sustain '99, The World Sustainable Energy Fair

25-27 May, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands

Sustain '99, The World Sustainable Energy Fair is taking place between the 25-27 May 1999 and is the largest international event in the sustainable energy industry. Sustain '99 covers renewable energy, waste-to-energy and energy efficiency and aims for 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors. It is host to several high level conferences including:
Implementing Renewable Energy
Global Market Opportunities
Utilities in the International Green Energy Market
The Future of Waste-to-Energy
Photovoltaics - Harvesting the Sun in the Urban Landscape
CHP & Biomass- Realising the Potential
Mini-Micro Cogeneration

Special attractions include The Ideal Sustainable Home, The Multi-Media Environmental Book Fair, The World Wind Energy Association Bureau, The Bio-Energy Park, The Green Banking Centre, The Sustainable Village and several International pavilions.

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Implementing Renewable Energy in the 21st Century

The Kick-off Conference for the European Union Renewable Energy Strategy.
26 - 27 May 1999, RAI Congress Forum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On the 25th & the 26th May 1999 during Sustain '99, The World Sustainable Energy Fair, the conference "Implementing Renewable Energy in the 21st Century" is taking place.

The conference, a common EnR Altener Action, will provide the platform for the European Union 'Campaign for Take-off'. The proposed objectives for this from now to the year 2003 are:
One million PV systems
15 million metres squared of solar collectors
10,000 MW of wind turbine generators
10,000 MW of CHP biomass installations
One million dwellings heated by biomass
1,000 MW of biogas installations
5 million tonnes of liquid biofuels

These objectives set out in the European Commission White Paper for a Community Strategy and Action Plan are intended to contribute to the overall target of doubling the share of Renewable Energy Sources from 6 % to 12 % by 2010.

The implementation of this strategy is now ready to begin, by launching "The Campaign for Take-off", an initiative where key sectors in the field of renewable energy will combine to meet these objectives on a national and a Community level. The European Commission will establish the framework, provide some financial and technical assistance, and co-ordinate actions. Both public and private sector contributions will be needed to realise these ambitious objectives.

The Renewable Energy Partnership is a key element of this campaign, consisting in framework agreements for the implementation of projects involving renewable energy sources between the Commission and public authorities, industries, promoters and associations. There are opportunities for all actors in Europe whatever service you supply or need. Attendance at this conference is the first step in your involvement in this joint effort. The full programme for the conference is available at or contact the organisers direct for a hard copy.

This conference will demonstrate numerous examples of the direction in which we are heading and open many avenues of co-operation. One of these is the opportunity to take part in the "Renewable Energy Partnership - involving new actors in the campaign". Members of the partnership will, within the scope of their responsibilities and potential, join the campaign and contribute towards fulfilment of its objectives.


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Update: April 29th 1999