Middle West and East Coast

TWIKE 494, XXX, YYY, Carl Gulbronson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

TWIKE 433, Margaret James, Chicago, Illinois

TWIKE 262, Walt Breitinger, Valparaiso, Indiana

TWIKE 493, James C. Jackson, Cincinnati, Ohio

(TWIKE 159, Tom Jannke, Hartford, Connecticut)
Take Off in Zurich

Schedule 13th of Oct - 07th of Nov 2005

Yellow = Weekend

13.10.2005 Flight to Minneapolis
14.10.2005 Prepared Parts and the Car at Carl's Home
15.10.2005 Driven down to Valparaiso to Walt Breitinger
16.10.2005 Maintained Walt's TWIKE 262
17.10.2005 Driven to Margaret's TWIKE 433 and picked up M. Frischknecht from the airport in Chicago
18.10.2005 Maintained Margaret's TWIKE 433
19.10.2005 Maintained Margaret's TWIKE and fun in Chicago
20.10.2005 Driven to Walt Breitinger again to wait for the package with the parts, fun in Valparaiso
21.10.2005 Driven to the East Coast to Andi Schmid in Connecticut, 1370 km
22.10.2005 Fun in New York
23.10.2005 Fun in New York
24.10.2005 Driven to Baltimore
25.10.2005 Fun in Washington D.C.
26.10.2005 Driven to Walt in Valparaiso to collect the parts, 1100 km
27.10.2005 Driven to James C. Jackson, Maintaining TWIKE 493
28.10.2005 Maintained James TWIKE 493
29.10.2005 Driven to Valparaiso, maintain Walt's TWIKE
30.10.2005 Fun in Chicago, Great America
31.10.2005 Installed the new batteries of Margaret's TWIKE
01.10.2005 Driven to Carl in Minneapolis
02.10.2005 Maintained Carl's TWIKE
03.10.2005 Maintained Carl's TWIKE
04.10.2005 Maintained Carl's TWIKE
05.10.2005 Built a new TWIKE in Minneapolis
06.10.2005 Flight back to Switzerland
07.11.2005 Back home in Zurich

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